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P.S. These principles will work on any online dating site including:, eHarmony and even Tinder.

Learn How to Get Dates from POF

If you are looking for a fool proof method of meeting hot girls online, you have come to the right place. I am the shy, european immigrant that went on 55 dates my first 30 days on POF, and I have a lot to share with you. It was only possible because of the online dating tips and tricks I am about to share with you on this website.

These techniques works just as well for finding a fuck buddy/friends with benefits, as for a finding a girlfriend online. No matter what your dating needs are, I assure you that they will be satisfied with the simple techniques on this site. You don’t have to be a rich, handsome or successful to make these techniques work for you. I will make sure the internet dating tactics on this site is currently working. POF tend to change how their site works and add new features once in a while. So if you want more online dating advice for men, keep on reading..

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Why is Online Dating Better than Approaching Girls Live?


Save Time!

Online you can approach 100 girls in 20 minutes, as opposed to live dating, where no girls with their sanity intact will go home with you or give you their number after seeing you hit on all the girls in the club.


Save Face!

If you are a bit shy and don’t like  rejection, internet dating is the way to go.. In real life she and her friends will laugh at you as you walk away after delivering your best “opener”… Online there is no rejection or humiliation.


Save Money and Health!

Spending 20 minutes per day online in your favorite chair is less taxing on your body and wallet than those $12 drinks,  bought two at the time… When was the last time you got laid or a second date from buying girls drinks anyways?

Best Online Dating Site = Plenty of Fish = POF

Hopefully you got excited about online dating and want to give it a shot. So how do you meet girls Plenty of Fish Online Dating Tips & Tricksonline? First you need to sign up on a dating website. I have found one Free Dating Site to be far superior to all the rest. And the winner is…. (drumroll)….

POF stands for Plenty of Fish, and is the largest free dating website out there with over 40 million users, and 1 million conversations each day. They have chemistry predictors, needs- and psychological assessment to match you up with girls that fits your wish list. Plenty of Fish also have an excellent iPhone and Android App, so you can conveniently stay in touch with girls while you are on the go. This allows you to get their numbers and invite them on dates while they are hot! POF have more functionality than you really need, so there is no reason to sign up at a paid dating site.. Apparently POF have very good employees removing fake profiles,as they have very few scammers, prostitutes and cam girls etc, compared to other internet dating sites.

Is the site perfect? No, but for the purpose of meeting hot local girls for free it is awsome! I have only one thing to say. POF works! Some of your friends might try to convince you otherwise, but pay them no minds. Soon your fully booked calendar will prove them wrong..


How does POF Online Dating Work?

Actually it is easy.. Here is the 4 step process on how to get dates on plenty of fish:

step-01Create a POF profile that doesn’t suck. Most guys screw this up, and can never get Plenty of Fish to work because of it! They screw up their pictures and what they write about themselves. Click here to make a good profile.

step-02Send out a bunch of date invitations. I suggest sending semi-custom copy and paste messages. This way you can ”approach” 100 girls in 20 minutes. Click here to learn to get custom copy and paste messages that works.

step-04Get phone numbers and schedule dates from the girls that reply. This can achieved by sending them only one message.. Forget about writing back and forth forever! This FREE VIDEO shows you how!

step-04Go on multiple dates with the girls you like, that also likes you and keep in touch via SMS. Of course you should know how to behave on the first date, which by the way is no date at all! Learn our advanced online dating strategies.

That’s it!

This pretty much sums up how to  get dates on plenty of fish with more beautiful women than you have energy to sleep with, or how to get a girlfriend with our simple POF online dating tips for men.

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Plenty of Fish Online Dating Guide for Men: How to get Dates on POF (Video Course)

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